Friday, June 8, 2007

Has "Cold Hard Cash" been used as a pithy title for Jefferson stories yet? It has? Bummer.

As those well-informed about things besides the current shape of Britney Spears' ass (it is not great) know, Democratic Rep. William J. Jefferson was indicted Monday for allegedly using his congressional office to enrich himself and his family through a pattern of fraud, bribery and corruption that spanned five years and two continents. Jefferson maintains his innocence.
The charges, the first against a Democratic member of Congress in the wake of the Justice Department's recent crackdown on public corruption, follow a two-year investigation that gained attention when FBI agents raided Jefferson's home and found $90,000 in cash stuffed in his freezer "wrapped in aluminum foil, and concealed inside various frozen food containers,"
If these allegations are true, not only is this dude void of any ethical or moral guidance, he sucks at hiding cash. Doesn't he know that the freezer is one of the worst places to hide cash? This from aol money:
Here are the burglar's top five places not to hide your valuables: 3. Refrigerator & Freezer: "Many drugs last longer when refrigerated so big stashes end up in the refrigerator. Prescription drugs could also be found in the refrigerator."

Knowledge is power, Mr. Jefferson.

Any by the way, they seem to have so much evidence on you that even your fellow Democrats are resigned to the fact you are guilty, and that would mean one less seat preserving the slight Democratic majority. Nice job, buddy! Keep helping the cause. A good time line of the investigation can be found on the Seattle Times Website.

Feel free to send your letters of support or damnation to:
Congressman William J. Jefferson
202/225-6636 · 202/225-1988 FAX ·

Bribeloc illustration courtesy of FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog. Not sure where they got it, but it's funny.

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