Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Is this a Blog or another "echo chamber"?

I believe Blogs are empowering, giving individuals a chance to do what only big news/big money could do in the past. That said, I am basically just a guy sitting here trying to share information and make sense out of the world. So what does a BLOG really do to help anything? I do not have the time or money to fact-check every detail, so I depend heavily on books, newspapers, television, or the Internet. This means that even if I look at multiple sources from (hopefully) multiple points of view, I still lean on others to do research for me. I'm at the mercy of their biases. Does this make my Blog just a part of the "echo chamber" that is so often manipulated by politicians and corporations? Can what I publish here really be objective?

Not really.

What I can try to do is provide editorial opinion, hopefully backed with facts. Does this sound reasonable? Worth thinking about as people read all these wonderful Blogs out there. Or anything else they read or watch on TV, I suppose. Just thinkin'

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