Monday, June 11, 2007

Tom DeLay: Liberals are Reds

I think Tom DeLay is an example of everything that is wrong about American politics. I actually prefer George Bush to DeLay -- if W. wasn't busy running the country into the ground, he may be someone fun to go to Hooters with. DeLay strikes me as someone far more dangerous.... bitter, twisted and visibly rotting from the inside out. Wrapped in the Bible, the American flag, and contempt for anyone who gets in his way.

That said, I strive to overcome my pre-conceived notions about the world. I wanted to be as fair as possible to Tommy Boy. I went onto Amazon and scored a $3 used/unwanted audiobook version of his memoir No Retreat, No Surrender. Four wonderful hours of Tom DeLay as read by the man himself. I got it in the mail yesterday, peeled it out of the manila package, feeling a little queazy that I just allowed this guy into my home, and started listening.

I wasn't disappointed. Within a 15 minutes, he shared this pearl of wisdom:

"I have learned something about liberals; they are much like communists. They believe they have to destroy you in order to win."

Communists??? Liberals are Communists?

It's refreshing to listen to someone who is so out of touch that he needs to conjure the Cold War to get people afraid of "liberals". Does he actually know that the Soviet's split over 15 years ago? Couldn't he come up with a more contemporary villain? Al Queda? The Taliban? "The Others" from LOST? I dunno. Something current.

Is this what this guy is about? Recycling tired trigger words to get knee-jerk reactions to those still traumatized by the Cold War?

15 minutes down, Three hours and forty-five minutes to go.

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