Thursday, June 28, 2007

GOP points Lugar at Bush as president calls Voinovich "a Sonovabitch"

THE LEAST YOU NEED TO KNOW: Republican party support for Iraq War breaking up. And I make lame jokes.
In what is being touted as a "watershed moment" in the Iraqi War, two prominent Republicans Senators (Lugar pictured above) have come forward to tell Bush it's time to get this party ended.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. George Voinovich (below left) said Tuesday the U.S. should begin pulling troops out of Iraq, joining Richard Lugar as the second Republican lawmaker in as many days to suggest President Bush's war strategy is failing.

He said the Iraqi people must become more involved and "I don't think they'll get it until they know we're leaving."
The Ohio senator's remarks followed similar comments by Lugar, R-Ind., the previous night. The two GOP senators previously had expressed concerns about Bush's decision to send 30,000 extra troops to Iraq in a massive U.S.-led security push in Baghdad and Anbar province. But they had stopped short of saying U.S. troops should leave and declined to back Democratic legislation setting a deadline for troop withdrawals.

In a floor speech Monday, Lugar said the U.S. should reduce the military's role in Iraq and called on Bush to press other diplomatic and economic initiatives instead. Because of Lugar's position as the top Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, his speech was a considered a blow to the administration as it tries to shore up sagging political support for the unpopular war.

"In my judgment, the costs and risks of continuing down the current path outweigh the potential benefits that might be achieved," Lugar, R-Ind., said in a Senate floor speech. "Persisting indefinitely with the surge strategy will delay policy adjustments that have a better chance of protecting our vital interests over the long term."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Lugar's speech "brilliant" and "courageous" and said it would later be noted in the history books as a turning point in the war.
Nice job old boys. I don't know much about you guys other than you look old and wealthy, and you're Republican Senators, which makes me think you are corrupt, but until I do some research, I'll think your both awesome. Would have been even MORE awesome if you spoke up in 2003, but thanks for speaking up now.

Apparently Lugar is a fairly reserved fellow who doesn't do much podium grandstanding, and isn't in need of kissing election ass, which makes his statement even more powerful.


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