Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bailout money to GM? Let them die.

I have grown increasingly resentful of General Motors, who have proved time and time again that they lack any sense of decency or business acumen. From purchasing public transportation in the 1930s in order to dismantle it and replace it with gas guzzling buses, to scrapping the electric car, GM – in concert with the oil industry - have helped to keep Americans chained to the internal combustion engine. They keep politicians in both parties well funded to make sure the status quo is kept, and oppose progress at every turn.

Now, after years of mismanagement and insatiable greed, they pull out their hats to the Government for MY TAX MONEY so they can stay afloat. What's worse, they hold a gun to the economy while doing so, saying that if we fail to give them the money, millions of American's will lose their jobs and the economy (all ready weakened by greed) will further collapse.

I say, let them die. I'd rather put my taxes to bailing out those workers than keep a sick dog like GM alive. Same goes for the other American car makes who are swarming around Washington trying to get some free money.

Capitalism demands they collapse, and throwing good money at them prolongs the suffering.

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