Thursday, November 13, 2008


The Yes Men, a small group of performance artists/activists/pranksters have struck again! They managed to distrubute a million fake copies of the New York Times with headlines from the future. Read below an excerpt from HuffPo:
New York City woke up this morning to find that some committed satirists had delivered unto them a remarkably well-rendered facsimile of the New York Times, filled with earnest and hopeful headlines from the future -- specifically July 4, 2009 -- in which the Iraq War is over, Bush is indicted for treason, and columnist Thomas Friedman has confessed: "I have no business holding a pen, at least with intent to write."

These guys are really sensational. They have posed as members of the World Trade Organization in the past, and have infiltrated WTO conferences to give absurdist presentations in a dead pan style so professionally that the audience actually believes their evil schemes. With dead seriousness they propose to, say, take the shit from western McDonald's customers and reprocess it to make reconstituted hamburgers to sell to the third world (tagged "reBurger"). They have also given lectures proposing that slavery should be reconsidered as a valid and cost effect means of improving corporate profits, or use human corpses as a source of renewable energy.

It's an odd form of protest, and it's awesome. Big tip of the hat to The Yes Men.

You can see the online edition of their New York Times rip off here. It's amazing in it's detail and well written.

Here's the article.

UPDATE: And an interview with them.

Here are a few excerpts from their pranks. They film most of them, some of which can be seen on an excellent documentary.

McDonalds Hoax: reBurgers

Exxon Hoax: Vivoleum

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