Monday, November 10, 2008

So we're 5 days in and I'm still fat... wasn't Obama supposed to fix all this?

I know you all love him, but it seems to me like President-Elect Obama isn't doing jack shit.

I've been following Politico's minute-by-minute archive of everything Obama says, does, thinks and farts***, and frankly I'm not impressed.

In the past 5 days since his election, he's had a press conference, given a radio address, met with several economic leaders, picked a chief of staff, spoke with the President of Russia, spoke with the President of Poland, launched a transitional team (with website), and is meeting up with President Bush tomorrow to organize transitional matters.

And he also took his wife out for dinner.

So what gives? I thought he was going to fix everything? I voted for him because he was "The One." Some fucking messiah he turned out to be. Look, I know he was doing a non-stop campaign for 21 months and gave about a million speeches, and for most of us we'd be spending between now and mid January curled up in the fetal position sobbing... but this is GODDAMN OBAMA... I didn't vote for this guy to get sleep, dammit!

I'm totally disillusioned. Go Palin 2012.

*** Obama doesn't fart. Only mortals fart.

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