Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TIP OF THE HAT: Cornel West

Princeton Professor/philosopher/critic/activist Cornel West is an impressive fellow. I've only started to learn about him, but I like what I hear very much. In today's Democracy Now! radio program, Cornel easily slid back and forth through a variety of topics including Obama, civil rights, and economics.

In particular I admired points he made concerning Obama's election and while supporting him, he's not giving him a blank check by any means. He doesn't expect Obama to just go and fix things while we passively watch. Rather, it is the American people who need to push Obama forward to make the kinds of real change that he may be intellectually capable of achieving, even when the political survivalist in him will settle for less.

He strikes me as intelligent, practical and an idealist. And anyone who can make it to 55 and keep his idealism is worthy of respect just for that!

I enjoyed his interview, and you may to: INTERVIEW

And here's a short clip from another source that is interesting as well, also discussing Obama and some insight into the whole Reverend Wright issue that became cannon fodder during the election.

West's website HERE.

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