Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flawlessly logical: Waxman wins powerful Chair

Above: Queen to King's Level One.

Like my favorite Vulcan, Obama seems to be good at playing 3-dimesional chess. This from Politico:
California Rep. Henry A. Waxman on Thursday officially dethroned longtime Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell, upending a seniority system that has governed Democratic politics in the House for decades.

The ascension of Waxman, a wily environmentalist, recasts a committee that Dingell has chaired since 1981 with an eye toward protecting the domestic auto industry in his native Michigan. The Energy and Commerce Committee has principal jurisdiction over many of President-elect Barack Obama's top legislative priorities, including energy, the environment and health care.

Waxman’s win is a big victory for environmentalists who want a more aggressive stance on global warming from the committee, and the vote showed the powerful hand of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Waxman ally, even though she officially remained neutral in the race.

The ousting of the ultimate Old Bull — just three months before Dingell was set to become the longest-serving chairman in the House — is also a shot across the bow for other senior lawmakers who have enjoyed a comfortable and unchallenged ride in their chairmen’s seats.

And the news of Dingell being dethroned has allegedly sent stocks lower today, another sign that big-business was hoping to keep him around. Sorry guys. It's hurts less if you just rip the band-aid off fast.

Read full Politico article here.

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