Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bittersweet victory

It's a great day for America, at least that's what the majority of voting American's seem to think. I'm proud that Obama is the new President, and the (at least partial) triumph over African American racism that goes with it.

But before we get too wrapped up in our evolved union, we're seeing that once more, prejudice moves from one group to another.

California Proposition 8 seems to have passed in California, one of three initiatives to in the country to ban same-sex marriage. Similar items seems to have passed in Arizona and Florida. Fortunately, an initiative to amend the Connecticut Constitution (a sneaky precursor to banning same sex marriage there) failed.

AP REPORTS: "Even as black voters overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama - a gay-rights supporter - in the presidential race, 70 percent of them voted against gay marriage, compared with 47 percent of white voters."

Despite these statistics, even bloggers in the gay community are the first to point out that the majority of supporters were over 65 and white, and was heavily supported by the Mormon and Catholic Church.

A sad irony in light of the fantastic victory they enjoyed.



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