Monday, November 10, 2008

"God Hates Fags" people to protest at Obama's Grandmothers Funeral

Westboro Baptist Church, the super douche-bag/religious nut-jobs/publicity whotes led by Fred Phelps and the WBC plan to picket the funeral of Madelyn Payne Dunham, aka Barack Obama's grandmother. Below is a part of their press release:
Yes. Dying time is truth time, and reflection time, and time for meditating on the weighty issues of life: getting right with God, life, death, Heaven, Hell, sin, righteousness, judgment to come, etc. Obama says his grandmother Dunham raised him, and, her "influence on his manner and the way he viewed the world was substantial." If so, then she has much to answer for as she stands before the Lord. Obama says he will use the White House as a Bully Pulpit to advance the cause of murdering more babies and same-sex marriage. "God hath appointed a day, in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by Christ." Acts 17:31.

I've written a few times about the WBC before. These are the same a-holes that protested during soldiers funerals who died in Iraq. In light of gay-rights setbacks in several states last week, I think it's appropriate for God to make his opinion known once and for all about homosexuality...

Dear God...

If you approve of homosexuals, please drop an asteroid onto these people as they protest this old lady.

If you approve of homosexuals, please drop TWO asteroids onto these people as they protest this old lady.

Thanks Lord, we'll be counting.

Sidenote: A group called Patriot Guard often come out to shield the families of the fallen soldiers from protestors like this. Sound like heros. Learn more about them at or on wikipedia.

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