Friday, October 3, 2008

Bill O'Reilly is such an asshole.

O'Reilly is so far out of line, it's hard to express in words. He only cares about himself and his image, though he claims to be a defender of the people.

I know people are mad at the government, but this guy is out of line. Listen to this. Frank has a silly voice and is a member of a group of people we don't trust (POLITICIANS), but sticking him with the venom of O'Reily's rant is unfounded, in my opinion. In addition, calling Frank a "coward" without giving him a chance for rebuttal proved classless. Finally, he just cuts him off.

O'Reilly's bully pulpit should be abandoned by any credible source. He's a tool of the right wing and his job is to serve meat to the converted.

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