Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain having a hard time getting the hate-genie back in the bottle

Dear Senator McCain,

Despite your slow slide from year 2000 "straight-talk" to year 2008 pablum, I still like you. I like you for what he used to be. I think you are a good man, who has done many good things in a long career. As someone who voted for you in the Republican primary in 2000, it was hard to see you get maligned and disemboweled by the Karl Rove smear machine, attacking your adopted daughter to let George Bush slither by.

It was even more painful to watch you embrace Bush later to help kick start your 2008 campaign. It was even sadder to see you cynically pick the tragically unprepared Palin as your running mate; a cheap ploy designed at capturing a few zealot votes and perhaps drive a wedge through the democrats in the same stroke.

Finally, it was a shock to see you hook up with Rove and his sith apprentices – the same men who raped you eight years before – to maul Obama in a last ditch effort to brand him a terrorist and anti-American. Sicking your folksie cheesecake pit bull to smear on the lipstick and rile up the crowds with hate and fear, which she was all too willing to do. Unlike you, Palin doesn't have the reputation to kill – she's as ambitious as she is weaponized, and will happily tear down anyone who gets in the way of real power.

The crowds ate up the hate and fear mongering. Before long, they began to yell "Terrorist!" and "Kill him!" at the mention of Barack Hussein Obama (with the emphasis on the 'Hussein' to alert the ignorant) – and you didn't correct them.

And now, because there is some part of you that knows better, you try and stuff the hate-genie back in the bottle. You know it hurts the country you love, and the political process you admire.

But it's too late, Senator. An you can't get that genie back in the bottle. And watching you try is the saddest footnote on an excellent career that turned itself to red meat for the wild pit bulls.

I hope Obama has good bodyguards, cause if someone gets a lucky shot, I hope you'll know that you helped load the gun.



Straight Talk on McCain said...

Watching these videos, you start to get the feeling that even McCain might be starting to wonder, “What kind of monster have I created?” I wonder if McCain, when he is alone and being reflective, asks himself, “Are these people really supporting me because I have good policies, or because they’re racists, bigots, terrified because I have made them terrified because of what I’ve allowed to be said about Obama on my behalf, etc.” I wonder if deep down McCain isn’t just a bit saddened by what his supporters are doing and saying.

Jay said...

I'd agree with that. Thanks for the comment.