Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the Great Obama, Charlie Brown!!!!

Tonight we get to experience one half hour of seasonal fun. Campaign season, I mean. Obama makes his big media buy with a TV special. What will he say? What will he do? Will he declare he is a Socialist/Communist/Terrorist? Will he suspend his campaign and say he is parting the Red Sea? Will he fire Joe Biden and select Osama Bin Laden as his VP? Will he appear in silk panties and a a corset and show the world "The real Barack hidden deep inside?"

We will know the answers to all of this soon. I do hope this isn't overkill. I was starting to think his strategy was "run down the clock." That said, his strategy sure seems to be working so far.

Don't fuck it up, dude.


The Unsinkable Edman said...

I'm not voting for that bolshevik socialist, he's pre-empting game 5 of...wait, the Red Sox aren't in the World Series, so baseball season is ovah! well, i don't make $250k, so i'd vote for him if he hadn't pushed me to Bob Barr (independent candidate).

Squidman in '08! :D

Jay said...

I'm hoping that Obama still wins by a landslide, but third parties make inroads. we need it.