Friday, October 10, 2008

Wait a sec.... REPUBLICANS are angry????

There's been a lot of hay being made about anger at McCain/Palin rallies. People are outraged at the possibility that Obama will be President, calling him a Communist, terrorist, Socialist... lot's of "ists." What's more, Palin and McCain have been doing some of this rabble rousing themselves.

People, can I get a "WTF????" The REPUBLICANS are angry??? After 8 years of reckless spending, wars against the wrong country, corruption, politically based firings, wire tapping, attacks on the bill of rights, and an economic meltdown, $4 gas prices... it's all Obama's fault? The media's fault? Democrat's fault...

DEMOCRAT'S FAULT?? WHAT??? HOW???? HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE CALL YOURSELF VICTIMS????????? You've not only been in power for 8 years, you've been in P O W E R. You ran the table. Now it's Obama's fault?

I don't know about anyone else, but I think it's MY TURN TO BE ANGRY. But rather that do that, I suggest we do what your candidate's slogan says and really put COUNTRY FIRST.

Or is it just a slogan to hide behind and be victims?

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