Sunday, October 19, 2008

Republicans want to get laid too.

Was hanging out at a local museum today with my wife and kid, and as usual we ended it with a trip through the museum shop. In there we found two well dressed middle aged guys trying to talk up a few poor captive young ladies behind the counter. The "conversation", as many these days, was gravitating around politics (using the quotes cause the clerks were not engaged in the discussion, they were just trapped at their stations. The two men were Republicans, and in the modern Republican style, were not as much trying to impress with what their chosen party does so well, it's all about what they dislike about the Democrats.

"I think [Obama] would make Cindy Sheehan the secretary of State," the younger of the two sneered. "You know, that woman who led the protests even though he son enlisted AND chose to fight AND she supported him." Trying to underscore what a hypocrite she is.

I wanted to add "Yeah, well he probably thought he was going to fight a war that was necessary," but I didn't. Partially I didn't want to butt into someone's conversation and partially because I didn't want to get into a debate that may end in someone telling the other to fuck off. Not something I wanted my 6 year-old to witness.

The older of the two guys then decided to explain that he just didn't "find he had anything in common with Obama, generationally, culturally or otherwise. I wouldn't have one thing to say in a conversation to Obama." I took "culturally" as code for "black."

Anyway, when I was cashing out I spoke with the clerks, both of whom were for Obama and thought there two guys were total tools.

It was unclear if the two 40-50 something guys were JUST trying to get laid or get some McCain votes in CT while getting laid, but either way it was clear this wasn't the kind of talk that would get these two 20-something girls hot and bothered.

I just chalk it all up to the fact that I will NEVER understand what drives other people. If after 8 years of Republican rule, if you are still fixed on voting along your red party lines, there is no rational argument that will persuade you.

This isn't uncommon in New England these days. Republicans, feeling very much "on the ropes", are sticking up McCain/Palin signs everywhere. There is desperation in the air.

GOOD. Time to spread the desperation around. I've felt that way since 2000.


Harvey said...

That crazy old cow Cindy Sheehan is just further proof that the far left can be equally as goofy as the far right! She has as much chance in defeating Nancy Pelosi as Ralph Nader has in getting elected to...any freaking thing. The moonbats are delusional let them dream. I'm happy just as long as I don't have to listen to the shrill voice and incoherent rambling of Cindy Sheehan!

Jay said...

Thanks Harvey, for being a psycho.