Saturday, October 4, 2008

Orthodox Islam and Judaism find common ground: They are both batshit insane

Above: Haredim raising the bar on "holy crazy".

JERUSALEM — In Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, where the rule of law sometimes takes a back seat to the rule of God, zealots are on a campaign to stamp out behavior they consider unchaste. They hurl stones at women for such "sins" as wearing a red blouse, and attack stores selling devices that can access the Internet.

In recent weeks, self-styled "modesty patrols" have been accused of breaking into the apartment of a Jerusalem woman and beating her for allegedly consorting with men. They have torched a store that sells MP4 players, fearing devout Jews would use them to download pornography.

Finally something the jews and arabs have in common. Let's have as totalitarian asshole contest. Whichever set of wackos uses the most violence and abuses women the most gets a prize – to be stoned to death!

I've seen these guys push around documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock while shooting "Where in the World is Osam Bin Laden," where he travel all around the middle east, meeting many well spoken, thoughtful people of all faiths. These people were the only ones to actually threaten him, actually pushing him around to the point he needed to flee.

I have no idea what the Israeli's are doing to battle this, but until they actually address their own brutality-cults, they are no better than the thugs that wish them harm.

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