Saturday, October 25, 2008

Voting Problems: learn more and protect yourself

Anyone who lived through the 2000 election (dangling chads and partisan cronies, anyone?) will recall that there was an excellent chance that Bush didn't really win. It took the Supreme Court, voting along party lines, to stick Dubbya into the White House and stuck 60 million voters into 8 years of shock and awe.

So that's all behind us, right? Wrong.

You've probably heard some bits on ACORN (not a concern, in my opinion) and may have heard of faulty and easily hacked Touch Screen readers even their makers say suck (be pretty concerned). You may even know that many such machines do not have a paper back-up, so if you press Obama and McCain lights up (or vice-versa) you are screwed. Inexplicably, these machines are in many states now and early voters are using them.

As early voting continues, more issues will come up. There have been reports of tactical voter suppression in certain swing states, for example.

As voters, it's be great if we could just go and do our duty knowing it's all cool. But sadly we need to get involved to make sure our votes count. is an excellent resource to learn what is going on out there, where the problems are and what to do if you have any. Check it out, if you can. It will at least get you familiar with the state of voting issues today.

If you can stand getting pissed, here's a full length movie dealing with voter fraud in 2000, 2004 and possible 2008 issues:

I'm hoping for a win with a large enough margin that it would be impossible to steal.

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