Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin wins tomorrow's debate

It's over folks, a day before it happens. And the Obama camp all ready knows it.

With the flurry of critics calling Palin a total lightweight, they are missing the fact that as they critique, they are lowering our expectations. At this point, all she will need to do is hold her own at the debate, and get a few zingers in. They don't even need to be of any real substance. If she can simply avoid making an ass out of herself, which she is certainly capable of doing, she will be the winner.

The burden is on Biden, who by all means is also capable of making an ass of himself, but will be regarded as a bully if he presses too hard. He will also need to dig under the 3 weeks of information provided to her during her crash course and find areas that she hasn't be tutored in.

You can see Obama's camp trying to reverse this trend of making her a living twinkie. They have made several statements saying what a formidable opponent she is and what a skilled debater she is. They see the danger in making her an underdog.

I remember seeing Gore and Kerry go against Bush, both assured that he was a powder puff. But sometimes debates are not about smarts – or the issues – they are about exceeding very low expectations.


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Tim said...

Biden is screwed either way. We can only hope that she severely sticks her foot in her mouth trying to talk off script.